Terms and conditions


The chalet rules apply to all members of your group. The lessee is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rental premises.


As you will appreciate the cleanliness at your arrival, please be respectful to the work of the housekeeping. Thank you for picking you up so do not make his work harder.

The lessee must immediately inform the lessor of any damage or breakage caused during the stay and is liable for material damage in or to the unit rented during the rental period for any cause whatsoever, except damages resulting from construction defects, lack of maintenance or naturals disasters.

Furniture and objects for the lessee's use must be handled with care and used only for the purposes for which they are intended. The lessee is liable for all damaged furniture or objects, for any damage caused to the rented premises including grounds and outdoor facilities.

The lessee may not transfer his/her rental right or sublet the unit.


Failure to adhere to one of these rules will lead to the immediate cancellation of the rental agreement.



The establishment may be rented for vacationing purposes only.


It is forbidden to exceed the maximum capacity of people able to sleep in the chalet (8 adults) without the consent of the owners, under penalty of expulsion if not respected.


Please advise us when you are planning visitors and guests otherwise, $50 per nights per additional person will be deducted from your security deposit.


Party, music and noise


The city of St-Côme bylaw #339-2000 prohibits the disturbance of peace between 22h and 7am. Fines charges to us will be deducted from your deposit.

Access to the lake and boats


Be extremely vigilant near the water, be careful and responsible, an accident can happen quickly. Do not leave young children unattended.


Some life jackets are available on site.


You have access to 2 kayaks and 2 paddle boards. Please handle them with care and secure them to the dock when you are done.


No motor boats are allowed on the lake.




A propane BBQ is available (connected to the chalet). Please do not burn wood or any other materials in the BBQ, clean the grill after use and close the tank after each use to avoid leaks. The amount of the filling will be retained on your security deposit if it empties by negligence.

Fireplaces and outside campfires



A inside and outside propane fireplace is at your disposal. For the outside fireplace, if you run out propane, it is up to you to change the bottle or fill it at your expense to continue to enjoy it.


Campfires are permitted only in the designated area (unless prohibited by the city in case of high risk of fire). Avoid making large fires and be sure to put it out completely when you are done enjoying it. You must bring your own wood to make a campfire.


No fireworks allowed. Fines charges to us will be deducted from your deposit.

Dog and cat


For allergy reasons, no pets allowed at the chalet.



Electricity, aqueduct, Toilet and Septic tank 



A power outage can happen during a storm. We are not responsible and note that repair times may be longer countryside. We can not be held responsible for damages and regret the inconvenience in this regard.


The chalet is supplied with water by the municipality. A water break can happen, we are not responsible and note that repair times may be longer countryside. We regret the inconvenience in this regard.

The chalet works with a septic tank. Only natural waste and toilet paper is permitted in the toilet. Put any other objects in the trash. It is better to avoid a situation that can lead to a clogged toilet.


Cleanliness, Recycling and Waste



Washer and dryer are available in the chalet. Bring your detergent and fabric softener.


Recycling pick up is on Mondays and garbage pick up is on Tuesdays. Please put the bins at the side of the road during your stay.


We recycle what is possible, only paper can be burned in the outdoor fireplace. Cans, glass, cardboard, plastic and aluminum should be recycled in the blue bin outside.


NEVER BURN GARBAGE or leave it outside the chalet. Small animals love waste products. Put the garbage in a closed bag and dispose of it in the black bin near the parking lot.

For safety reasons, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke inside the chalet. It is within our rights to ask you to leave the premises, without refund, if we learn that someone has smoked indoors. You can smoke outside, however, if cigarette waste is found on the ground and cleaning is required, additionnal cleaning fees will be deducted from your deposite.


If excessive cleaning is required after your departure, additional cleaning fees charged to us will be deducted from your deposit.

Additional information for the Chalet



Insects and wildlife are part of the country pleasures. We control them as best we can. Please do not encourage them keep the doors closed and secure food into containers or put in the refrigerator.


We ask you not to leave the chalet with white towels, sheets, and blankets.


Avoid bringing glass outside; this way we can walk barefoot.


We supply, in small quantities, some products to help you out. When these reserves are exhausted, it is up to you to replace them according to your needs for the rest of your stay. Here is the list of these items:

-> Salt, pepper, and sugar;

-> Dish soap;

-> Toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues;

-> Small white trash bags.



Before leaving :



Bring all your belongings, don’t leave anything behind. Empty all the contents of the refrigerator and place your garbage in bags in the black bin near the parking lot ($50 fee will be deducted from your deposite if non-compliant).

Le Jadanie Chalet - 231 Jean-Baptiste-Lepage, St-Côme, J0K 2B0 © 2018 

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